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What is a IV Hydration?

IV hydration is a treatment that uses electrolyte-packed IV fluid bags directly into the bloodstream. Customized to your specific needs, to deliver vitamins and minerals you need. So whether you are looking for a beauty booster, a hangover helper, muscle recovery, or even help with anti-aging, Starr Medspa can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Starr Beauty Bag
Starr Hangover Bag
Starr Muscle Recovery Bag
Starr Anti-Aging Bag

The Benefits of IV Hydration

IV Hydration Therapy is more Efficient than drinking water

You have to drink a lot of water to sufficiently hydrate your body. IV hydration therapy injects the fluids directly into your bloodstream so your body can deliver the fluids where you need them most. It's a faster, more efficient way to hydrate your body.

Smoother Skin

Special vitamins and minerals are added to your bag to enhance your skin


Feel better immediately after, allowing you to be your best self


Our other bag includes muscle recovery to rapidly heal sore muscles

What to Expect


Depending on how you feel we offer several different IV Bags. We can customize them to what you would like.

What should I expect?

  • An hour long appointment. IV bags can be done at the same time as your botox or filler appointment.

Doctor’s Takeaways

  • The best way to instantly feel better and recover.