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What is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration is a therapy that awakens sleepy hair follicles, increasing the thickness of the hair shaft. The procedure occurs in three steps, getting your blood drawn, having your blood processed, separating the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from the other blood, and then having tiny injections of the PRP into the part of the scalp that needs increased hair growth.


The Benefits of Hair Restoration

The benefits of Hair Restoration with PRP are that not only will you dramatically increase your self-confidence and improve your appearance, but you will also be undergoing a non-invasive procedure. PRP uses your body’s own cells to help boost hair growth by triggering and maintaining the growth phase, and increasing the blood supply to the follicle with the end result being a thicker, fuller, head of hair.

Fuller Hair

Hair texture can enhance due to healthier scalp


Bring back fullness to thinning hair


PRP keeps your scalp healthy for hair to grow and stay strong

What to Expect


If you have thinning hair this is the best procedure to bring your hair back. This will take 3 treatments one month apart to notice a difference.

What should I expect?

  • A quick blood draw.
  • About an hour long appointment.
  • Tiny injections to the scalp area.

Doctor’s Takeaways

  • There is no downtime or recovery process other than not wearing hats for 24 hours after treatment.